Handmade with a bit of Magic.

Your cute backpack, animal pencil case, or wild t-shirt is like your best friend. It accompanies and supports you on everyday adventures. 

✧゚・:* The perfect gift for every occasion! *:・゚✧

– Cute Backpacks for Girls
– Unique Animal Pencil Cases
– Harajuku Fashion Accessories
– Mori Kei Style Gifts
– Gifts For Geek Girls 
– Girls Overnight Bags
– Cute Medicine Pouches
– Gifts for Cat People
– Preschool and Toddler Backpacks
– Mini Zipper Pouches for Animal Lovers
– Sweet Lolita Fashion 
– Cool Gift for a Teen

Something a little wild and a little special. Something you can have with you all the time.
When you get lost and forget that you are the little bit of magic that the world needs, your cute backpack or wild hoodie will remind you of that little spark of magic you hold so dear.

About Krsnichka

Špela the Owner, Maker of Wild Bags, Fantasy and Mythology Geek 

To bring little bits of magic and wild critters to you is my mission in life. I love stars, history, stories, and everything fantasy. But making people smile when they adopt a cute backpack or animal pencil case is my calling.



Špela Cvajnar Krsnichka CEO

Your critter, magical and wild as you are, will accompany and support you on your everyday adventures. The critter you chose will reflect the kind of magic you want to share in the world. It is a magical critter that will protect your coins, guard your make up, and hold your dearest and most valuable possessions while you two are on errands around town or on an extraordinary adventure with friends.  

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


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